Curriculum Design

We provide a child centred curriculum; alongside an integrated play-based strategy that caters to all learning areas using an open-ended teaching approach to form a resourceful learning environment. Theme-based teaching, drama teaching, and projects are integrated into our curriculum to offer children a rich variety of learning content to promote their development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills, aesthetics, and spirituality. Individual support programmes, small group learning, and community learning are also available to help children instil an interest in learning and the encouragement to be an active learner.

Curriculum Features

Children have the opportunity to learn through their chosen methods of education. The learning strategy of PLANàDOàREVIEW raises their ability to think, attempt, choose, manipulate and explore. A wide range of teaching material is provided for children to apply newly learned knowledge and gain different experiences.

Diverse Learning Experiences

We arrange different activities for children based on their learning needs. This can include performances, competitions, interviews, and tours – so that they are able to learn outside the classroom.  

Christian Education

We teach children biblical truth by introducing bible stories and verses to help them understand the love of Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to be grateful, pray, and trust God in all things.

Moral Education

Our school emphasises the development of children’s morals. Life education activities are held every month to help children develop good qualities; such as caring and respecting others, to ensure that they grow into healthy, happy individuals.