Teaching Staff

All our teachers hold teacher qualifications recognised by the Education Bureau. Some of them are holders of a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Our teachers are experienced with love and passion for children.  We have been providing a continuing education fund for teachers since 2012 to encourage teachers’ pursuit of professional development.

Teaching qualifications chart

Playful Learning Programme

Our school joined the “Playful Learning Programme” co-organised by Hong Kong Repertory Theatre and The Education University of Hong Kong. The programme provided drama education workshops led by professional instructors. The training team constantly conducted on-site lesson preparation, class observation, and class review with our teachers to strengthen our faculty’s skills in drama teaching and conventions in lessons.

Orff Schulwerk Music Education

We participated in the Orff Schulwerk Music Education programme provided by the Hong Kong Orff Schulwerk Association. The 36-hour workshop covered eurhythmics, rhythmic speech, teaching with musical notations, methods of teaching singing, body percussion and the multisensory approach to music appreciation; enhancing our teacher’s abilities in educating students in the Orff Approach.

Music Therapy Training

Registered music therapists from the Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service were invited to our school to provide training for our teachers to gain a foundational understanding of music therapy and how it can be used to aid children with different needs.

Enneagram Workshop

Registered social worker from the Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service were invited to our school to provide workshop for our teachers to know more about Enneagram.